Sunday, December 19, 2004

of jeepneys and pili candies

"Bayad po," I said.

I was on my way to Legazpi late this morning - I had a lot of errands to do - when I got a bit of a shock. I wasn't sure how much the fare cost, so I handed two twenty-peso bills to the conductor. And - by thunder!- he gave me back 10 pesos. Only. The last time I'd been home, a ride to Legazpi cost 25.

A little later I dropped off at a pili candy store to solicit support for our pasalubong fest in Kalayaan. Unfortunately, the owners had left for Manila a few days ago, so I decided to chat with the lady at the counter for a while. I asked her how much a pack of pili chocolate would cost. They were delightful little morsels of pili, chocolate and toffee which I indulged in every time I went home to Bicol. 40 pesos, she replied. Not bad, I thought, 5 pesos a piece. So I bought a pack, together with 4 keychains which I pledged to buy for our booth.

As I was walking towards the capitol while nibbling on the sweets I had just bought, I realized how tiny they had become, and that the thicker wrappers were what made them look bigger. Hindi sulit.

Why are things getting so expensive nowadays?

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Jmefl said...

Things become expensive when you don't have any money on you, and when the ATM you have with you is worthless. (*ahem!*) Basta. Kapag may stipends, feeling ko mura lang lahat. Hehe. ;)

There's this one quote I've read somewhere: "If a man says money can solve everything, that does it: He doesn't have any money."

I rest my case.