Friday, December 17, 2004


I was introduced to the concept of an online journal when the blogging craze spread over the Net. At first I scoffed at them who flaunted their blogs (Are they moronic enough to actually want the whole world to know their deepest and darkest secrets?, I thought). And yet, I came to like the way they wrote. That led me to think about myself. How do I write? Who's the better writer, the Jef then, or the Jef now?

It's been long since I've borne any substantial literary pieces, and writing dead-boring lab reports and research papers for four years (in high school) quenched that fiery 'K' (kreativity... hehe) I once had: what was left were a few dying embers. Now, expressing even the most shallow of thoughts in words is getting to be a struggle. The only way of resurrecting the writer in me, I suggested, was practice.

Apart from the alarming reverse evolution that was happening to my writing, thoughts about death started to plague me. What would happen to my thoughts when I die? Will I be aware of myself when my neurons wither away? Will I remember? That gave me a sense of urgency, and increased blogging's appeal for me.*(see comment.. hehe)

And besides, I reasoned, keeping my thoughts as they come and go for future reference will be invaluable. I remembered how I felt when I saw my long-lost diary in Grade 5 a few years later: comparing how you thought then to how you think now is exciting! Uncovering forgotten memories is much more satisfying than finding material pleasures, I realized.

Just recently, Lance started his own blog. There he was, clapping like a child, telling everyone he met, "Ang ganda ng blog ko! Mag comment ka ha.."And I bit his bait. The wonders of blogging were opened to me, and I saw. And believed.


Unknown said...

I wasn't Christian then. Now that I know that I have a soul, and am assured to spend eternity with the Lord Jesus in bliss, those thoughts mean nothing to me. They are merely echoes of the former man in me, displaying how fallen I was.

Lance said...

For the record, I didn't say, "Ang ganda ng blog ko." Okay, I might have said that, but not in that context. I wasn't bragging. I just felt fulfilled at having made such a feat.

After Nissie, a good friend, told me to start a blog of my own, I, too, hesitated. But I realized that my blog could be an avenue for spreading the Word of Christ. Jef may have felt the same. Oh well, Jef, keep blogging. I am enjoying the things you have so far posted.

You might want to post your own comment in my weblog.

By the way, whatever happened to the "marina..." (the name Jeiel suggested)? Oh well, bye.

Anonymous said...

Jeff...oops sorry Jef, I just happened to have a look at your blog! I was tempted to leave a comment, as I enjoyed going through your blog. I do not intend to flatter you, but I think you are extremely talented! For a 16 year old to write in such a masterly and versatile manner is extremely commendable! I am sure you will go places Jef and maybe one day when you have become famous, I will tell you more about myself! :)

Jmefl said...

Oi Jep. HINDI AKO MORON. At hindi ka rin moron. I believe you write well enough for anybody.. Haha. Remember that Rotary Club contest kung saan tayo unang nagkakilala? ;)

"And besides, I reasoned, keeping my thoughts as they come and go for future reference will be invaluable." Tumpak. There is really no substitute for the thrill you feel every time an unbidden memory flashes before your eyes. It's as if you've been transported back in time.. And then you realize how much the times have changed you.

And besides, writing is also a good way to keep track of a crazy life, especially if you're prone to taking anything and everything with an intensity that even you yourself find exhausting.

Happy Blogging! Welcome to the club!