Thursday, August 25, 2005


here at the library, staring at a flat-screen Dell monitor. Incidentally, the
school provides free Internet access to all the students, which, I'm sure I'll
enjoy using.

My classes don't start until an hour from now. I'm taking 15 credit-hours of
classes -- they call it that instead of "units". Last Monday I was elated to
find out that they credited not only both my Chem 16 and Chem 26 as General Chemistry classes, but also my Bio 11!

So this semester I have Organic Chemistry 1 and Biology 2. But I think the
evaluator didn't recognize the course description "Elementary Analysis 1", so I'll be taking a similar version of Math 53. I'm also taking English Composition -- which won't be much of a challenge, I hope.

An hour ago I went to the University Center to claim my ID. I didn't have to
wait two weeks until I had it in my hands -- it was immediately printed once I presented my application form. Nice, ano? But, as always, I looked
monstrous in my picture -- my distended chin reflected some of the flash, and my fat cheeks were emphasized by my hair, though it was neatly combed and gelled.

Ugh. I'm being vain again. I'm off to my Chem class.


Anonymous said...

kuya, you're back to school!!! whehe..i can tell from your post that you like it there, so far..that's good..i also noticed that you were excited about school the last time that we saw each other..i'm happy for you..keep that energy up, k?..i know you're gonna do well in your, yeah..
always t/c..(",)
God bless..


Anonymous said...

post the picture!!! hahaha!

Anonymous said...

hahaha! ayos! alam mo ba, 7 hours away ka parin mula samin... hanep na... hahaha! talaga? astig naman! uhm, apat subjects ko eh.. quarterly basis kasi kami at max na yun.. nyerk. hahaha! buti nacredit yung ibang subjects mo! :) well mag pre-eng. din ako for 2 years muna sa hbu tapos lipat nalang sa iba... hayown... sige sige, ut austin narin! hahahaha! catch you sa ym sometime :) oo nga, magkaka history class din ako... nyerk. patay na... haha! ang cool! wala lang... fellow texan... nyehehehe.. :) at least may kastate manlang... hahaha! i don't feel so alone.. then again sobrang layo mo parin... hahaha! :))

Anonymous said...

hi jef, nagpaparamdam lang, wala talagang comment..

meron pala.. ok lang maging vain paminsan

Anonymous said...

i'm extremely elated for you!