Sunday, January 08, 2006

post-christmas meditations 3

For those whom I left open-mouthed in puzzlement after my last post, I hope you're still wondering until now what exactly you're supposed to think about. Hang on.

I've already posted the last installment for this series. But because it could stand independent in itself of the previous two, and because what it says still goes true even though Christmas is now over, I decided to put a permanent grey link on it below my profile -- "what is the Gospel?"

I wanted to include my testimony too, and recount how Jesus Christ changed my life, but I still have to make some major revisions to it. Not that I'll have to edit its plot to make it more believable. No, I didn't make fanciful stories merely for your amusement -- I wouldn't dare.

All of what I've written is real, true and biographical, I assure you. Hehe. :-) I just have to smoothen the transitions between my paragraphs. I'll try to finish it, and the links list too, by this week.

And also, watch out for other upcoming posts. Bye.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, Jef, I shall wait for your posts patiently and with much anticipation.

Kumusta pala ang Church?