Monday, July 24, 2006

a memory unearthed

I knew it.

I knew something was amiss these past few days. A vague, hazy feeling of something like nostalgia had been lingering over my wretched mind since Saturday, the 21st.

But I wasn't sure why I felt like that, or where that feeling came from. Trying to remember felt like groping and futilely waving my arms into an impalpable fog.

Then I saw a long-haired and much fatter version of myself amidst a throng of beloved friends. And read a short (but oh-so-long-awaited) word from a brother.

I remembered. Thanks, Paul.


Anonymous said...

pumayat ka then? hahaha! that's nice to know.

razel said...

hi, Jef! sorry ngayon lang po ulit ako napadaan. so, it's not cars anymore but shout outs. :p

Anonymous said...

Paul: Yes. But I'm not as thin as I was before I came here last summer 2005. I still have an unsightly girdle of fat on my belly, but I'm working on it. Haha. :-)

Razeru: It's OK, you don't have to apologize. ;-) "Shout outs." yeah. I changed it kasi corny yung "cars." Hehe. That reminds me. I think my template, which is as corny, needs some good revamping... hmm..