Thursday, April 14, 2005



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actually, 8 na apartments ang nasa picture.

amin yung katapat nung left staircase.

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eto yung living room.

yep, those awards on the top of the shelf are my brother's.

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eto, another interior view.

that's my dad peeking out from the wall.

actually, iisang malaking room ang

living room, kitchen at dining room.

gets? hehe.

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eto yung pantry.

wala lang

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this is my brother's room,

where i'm gonna be staying for the next two months.

tatay ko ulit.

diyan ako nakaupo,

sa table na yan,

pag nagoonline ako.

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the other half of the room.

dun ako natutulog sa kama na light blue.


privilege ng bisita.

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ako nga pala.

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