Thursday, April 14, 2005

more pictures!


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we went here Sunday last week.

it's the long island across the shore

of Texas (see the map).

by the way,

nasa Weslaco kami, which is

almost two hours away from South Padre.

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eto yung causeway, or bridge,

na nagcoconnect sa Port Isabel, the city

on the mainland,

sa South Padre.

parang San Juanico Bridge between Samar and Leyte.

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eto ako.

with my 1 year old cousin, Faith.

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ako ulit.

I gained a few pounds already.

tumaba na ba ako?

obvious ba? (not a rhetoric. an honest-to-goodness question)

sana hindi.


more pictures

to be uploaded soon.

see ya!


razel said...

hi, Jef! nice to know you have a blog, too. actually, nauna ka pa sa'kin. and thanks for dropping by at my blog. :) and, tumaba ka nga ba? actually, sa picture, pumayat ka. i don't know. :)at humahaba na hair mo. hehe!

razel said...

by the way, nice pictures!!! :) and it must be your cheeks... hehe!

Anonymous said...

hi jef!! i had nothing to do today, except maybe fix up my blog. =) the pictures are nice. i especially like how your apartment looks. =) till next sem!!