Tuesday, April 26, 2005


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nasa front seat ako nito, walang magawa. hehe


as I was saying, we went downtown to walk around.

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this is the street across the Alamo, a Spanish church

that was fortified during the US-Mexican war.

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eto yung facade ng Alamo.

Soldiers regularly perform military acts there

to amuse tourists.

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this is a secluded part of the church. I happened to like

the view, so I took a shot.

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eto, monument near the Alamo. Perhaps it's a dedication

to the soldiers who died at the area.

After that, we proceeded to the RiverCenter.

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It's a one-of-a-kind mall : the San Antonio river

flows through it. There's a river walk

lined with bars and restaurants, and barges

on the river that allow hapless tourists to

ride on them, with an exorbitant price.

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that's Marriott San Antonio, the tall orange building at the back.

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we were famished at that time because we walked quite a long way.

we ate 2 slices of pizza and fetuccine alfredo from

an Italian fastfood store nearby.

we went back to Days Inn an hour after we ate.

pictures of the next day to be uploaded tomorrow.


razel said...

Jef, you're an admirable photographer. really!

razel said...

i liked the "anole"(?) best. but i liked every picture sa totoo lang.

Lance said...

Jef, you really seem to be enjoying it there. I have a feeling your brother is going to look more like you when he grows up. Not that it's bad.

Anonymous said...

Ei Jef ganda ng anole pic. You don't look like your brother. Hahaha. Feeling ko more mother side ka, tapos father side siya... tama ba?

Unknown said...

Haha. I haven't read your comments until now. Yes, Paul, that's what they've been saying since we were children. Hehe.