Saturday, July 23, 2005

that road

It's almost like a path to Eden; its ambiance brings back forgotten memories, twinges of nostalgia from years past. Amidst the cool morning mist, towering trunks loom regally, spreading out numerous branches of copious green leaves and fiery red-orange blossoms. Lemon yellow pencils of light peek out from clear patches on the canopy, windows to the light blue canvas of the sky. Fallen leaves carpet a quaint sidewalk of broken cobblestones, overcome by the unflinching grasps of thick and ancient roots. Lush clumps of slender bamboo whisper quietly, swaying to the rhythm of the morning breeze. A relaxing silence, although occasionally interupted by the croak of a bullfrog, a whirr of a jeepney's engine, pervades the scene. A bird flitters among the trees now and then, singing a haunting but melodious kundiman to its mate. The fragrance of a pristine forest wafts pleasantly, now uncommon in the concrete urban expanse of the city. Students pace the pathway leisurely, enjoying a short escape from unsolved math problems and unfinished term papers, from petty worries and concerns, from the time of our lives we call college.

I found this descriptive paragraph on my neatly piled collection of documents from my subjects last year. The road in question, Roces Avenue, is the one connecting Melchor Hall and AS. I used to walk its entire length several times a day in between classes. One of the reasons I'll miss UP this is...

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