Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Have you ever felt like your mind was about to explode, with a horde of words whirling inside, clumping into unformed sentences, while you nervously think that it's either you sit down and write and let all of it out right there and then, or you'll drop dead in an instant?

Well, I feel like that right now. Kind of.

It's not that I suddenly found the secret to all my writing woes by memorizing my copy of Roget's thesaurus that's reclining on my bookshelf, and now I'm trying to strut my newfound talent off in front of you. (Although I admit that I reallyfeel doing that sometimes. Shame on me, again)

I just want to tell you about some very interesting things that happened to me for the past few days. I want to recount what came to my deranged mind as I lay on my bed with cold sweat on my palms and feet, worrying about my blood stream's mercury levels. I want to tell you what I shared to my friends in Sunday School about God's sovereignty and man's free will, and what they felt -- or what I think they felt -- after hearing what I said.

Unfortunately, time does not permit. A lab report is waiting on the taskbar for a bit more polishing. My notes in psychology, which I have left untouched for the past few days are almost screaming out, READ ME! The lab rep is due later, and the exams on Mbio and Psych are on Wednesday.

I feel that He would be more pleased if I put off blogging until Thursday, and prepare for my exams instead. So there. No updates till then. In the meantime, to keep your spiritual cogs and wheels from sticking, I want you to ask yourselves:

Why does God love you? Why do we love God? What is the ultimate reason behind our love for Him and His love for us?
We'll compare answers next time. Or, if you want, you can answer right now and leave a comment on this post. Got it?

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