Saturday, May 13, 2006

faux pas

Wondering why I withdrew my birthday post for a while? It's certainly not because I was overwhelmed with shame and embarrassment at being so boringly unoriginal. Come to think of it, is there really such a thing as pure originality? Hehe. Naah, I'm kidding you, Lance.

It's because of this: in a sneaky attempt to make my birthday post appear perfectly congruous and well-timed, I decided to cheat -- a little bit -- and made a few, erm, adjustments. I backtracked my post date by two days.

It was only a few hours later, while I was washing my drowsiness off with a stream of warm shower water, that I realized my gigantic mistake. It wouldn't take a historian to realize the very obvious chronological inconsistency in my post. How in the world would I know the people who would greet me the following day?

So I withdrew it yesterday, before we left for the hospital. I got to change it just now. Hehe. Sorry.

There will be more posts to come. Yes, including that about the interview. Hehe. But before doing those, I'll be writing the cheesiest replies to my friends' letters. Thanks for writing, friends!

AdiĆ³s. Para ahora.

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Anonymous said...

Jef, yes, there is such a thing as "pure originality." Hahaha.