Friday, May 12, 2006

sem-ender b-day

There couldn't be a happier ending for me to the semester -- much more, the whole school year -- than having it on the tenth of May.

Yes, I turned 18 today two days ago.

It still amazes me that God, in His overflowing grace, would give another year to a scoundrel such as I. Oh, that I may use my new-found freedom wisely. That I may turn back from the fruitless joys of this fallen world, and seek the River of delights Himself.

Thank you so much for remembering, friends. It comforts me to know that 8,000 miles away on the other side of the world, there live people who still care for me and remember me in their prayers.

It is my pleasure to honor you in this post. (It's a blogger thing. Or tradition. wink-wink. Hehe. In any case, I got it from Lance. So blame him for the corniness. Hehe.) In no particular order,

Neil Rufo. MM Taverner. Justine Recierdo. Paul Balite. Macky Agarrado. Vanessa Gumban. Lance Catedral. Ate April Abesamis. Carol Eduarte. Ate Jhoanna Isla. Glenda Garcia. Jac Libatique. Kuya Butch Pang. Sabrina Par. Pauline Alvarado. Venice Buagnin. Krizelle Distor. Kristine Distor. Acielle Garcera. Babelyn Dimabayao. Jaifred Lopez. Nikki Realubit. Karen Hermoso.

I apologize to the people I did not list.

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Anonymous said...

Now talk about originality, Jef. Haha